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Ron Ron Kitten Complete & Balanced Halal Suci Bersih - GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT Duck liver & Chicken Recipe 75g

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Looking to give your kittens the best food from their very first bite?

Let us introduce RonRon’s Duck and Chicken are slowly simmered in smooth goat milk, chicken liver, and duck gizzard pate which bring out creamy and savory taste. It is served in mousse which is easy for kitten to pick out from the bowl and chew.

The recipe is choke full of
meaty food namely chicken and duck which provide great sources of protein.
On top of that, chicken liver and duck gizzard give extra vitamins and minerals that are essential for growth.
Not to mention, providing meat along with organs also mimics their natural prey diets.
Goat milk aids nutrient absorption and utilization and provides excellence source of calcium.
Salmon oil promotes cognitive development and healthy skin and coat.

The recipe contains completed and balanced nutrition which is formulated to meet nutritional values established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Nutrients Profiles for growth and development stage cats by nutritionists.​

With its tremendous benefits served in easy-to-eat mousse, RonRon®’s Duck Chicken and Liver Recipe (Mousse de Foie et Canard) is a healthy start for your kittens.
Minced Duck, Chicken Breast, Goat Milk, Duck Gizzard, Chicken Liver, Thickening Agent, Vitami